General Questions

Our service is a tokenizer system that combines many faucets in one place with the ability to automate profits with the help of a manager. We are also the guarantor of the declared profit, and more than 100k users on the Internet have already seen this. If your goal is “free”, then the best option for you is to pull each faucet individually outside our service (there are a lot of them) and maybe save something. But whether they will give money after withdrawal is already in question. Payment for faucets is one-time, the advantages and convenience of the service are obvious. We also invest 75% of the payment for cranes in the development of our service, the remainder is our personal income.

We recommend to use latest versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer may work, but we cannot guarantee the absence of errors.

Two or more accounts will be banned automatically. Multiple, sequential failures to pass anti-bot screening will result in auto-ban.

At the moment, our service supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, DASH and Dogecoin In the future, we are planning to enhance the support of other cryptocurrencies.

You can contact us via the contact form. We will promptly respond to any problems.

Mobile number must be entered in the international format with the symbol +

The manager does all the work for you. You can pick up funds in an hour, a month or at another convenient time for you. Profit works on cumulative!

You use only the free Bitcoin faucet, the profit from the free Bitcoin faucet is less than 10 times the claimed. We recommend to purchase new faucets and use our service without restrictions. Paired with purchased Bitcoin faucets, the limits of the bonus faucets will be automatically removed.

Not! The use of a proxy, VPN or TOR is strictly prohibited in partner faucets conditions. In this regard, this condition also applies to our service. The use of these systems will lead to the blocking of the account and funds on the balance sheets.

Purchases and Payment methods

Forever. But faucets as bonus only for three month!

For buy BTC faucets you can pay only from BTC balance, for Litecoin faucets use LTC balance.. You can't pay BTC faucets from USD balance!

All balances are different! You can take BTC only on Bitcoin wallet in BTC coin, LTC only on Litecoin etc.. Funds from USD balance you can get only in USD currency.

All balances are independent! For buy Bitcoin faucets, you have to top up BTC balance, for Litecoin it's LTC etc. USD balance you can use for USD faucets, for example Payeer and PM.

Financial and Profitability

You can earn $100 daily. So you can calculate your average earnings.

Wallets and Withdrawals

In the payout section, specify the desired amount for withdrawal and submit your order.

In every assembler it is different. In the payments section this is written.

Monthly, you can submit only 5 orders for withdrawal without limits.

There's nothing to check, look at the blockchain and you'll see a transaction about the payment. Always use direct wallet where there is no minimum amount to replenish, otherwise do not order a payment less than necessary to minimize your wallet.

Technical Questions

Funds raised by the manager must be collected before the expiration of the manager. Otherwise, the collected profit will go to the manager.